Sunday, 27 March 2011


Now, i know this isnt a cookie, but its awesome.

Lets face it.

We all need a bit of Krackawheat in our lives. Be it as a delicous treat right before a meal, or as a pillow to rest a weary head on.
They have many various uses.

I knew a guy once who used them as drywall for his house. Sure, he was warm and safe at first, but come summer when the birds were about he had a horrendous time!
He was watching tv one day when a beak cracked through his wall, almost bringing his house down.(its not the most stable of building materials, if you didnt already know.) But it was easily fixed, he just shooed off the birds and filled the hole in with a bit of bread.
Come to mention it, i have no idea what happened to that guy. Last i heard he decided to further reinforce his small hut by adding  a thick coating of philidelphia to completely plaster the walls. Being the cheese like substance that philidelphia is, it quickly turned moldy when exposed to the baking hot sun of summer. Apparently he had a mental breakdown because of the smell alone.

He had lived for a long time in that house made of krackawheat, somehow managing to keep it from disintigrating in the rain and from toppling over in the many storms we have here. One day on my way to college, as i was driving past the tiny patch of grass on which he had lived his entire adult existance, i came to the startling realisation that i had made it all up.
He wasnt there.

As a tribute to my over active imagination, i decided i would recreate this fantasy, forever living my life in the krackawheat house.

Its nice living here, not what you'd come to expect.
Its strangly peacefull being surrounded by wheat.


El Jubo